La finca, con cerca de 200 ha. de olivares, almendros, encinas, pinos y monte bajo, se enclava entre las estribaciones de Sierra Mágina, en la provincia de Jaén, y Los Montes Orientales, en la provincia de Granada. Ésta se enclava en una altiplanicie de terrenos franco arenosos entre las cotas 1020 m. y 1070 m., terrenos inmejorables y cotas elevadas éstas que, en un clima mediterráneo continental favorecen una excelente calidad en todos sus AOVE.

En la explotación de nuestros olivares, bajo una producción integrada (API), utilizamos sistemas agrícolas que aprovechan al máximo los recursos y los mecanismos de producción naturales y aseguran a largo plazo una agricultura sostenible que compatibilicen las exigencias de la sociedad, la protección del medio ambiente y la productividad agrícola.

Porque el mejor AOVE nace del respeto al medio ambiente.


Complex and intense olive fruitiness with green nuances. When peeled, it gives off primary olfactory notes of tomato plants and wild plants, with secondary notes of artichoke and “Alloza” almond. The herb scent in the nose is diluted to express the aromas of freshly cut wood in the mouth.

Delicate and smooth when it passes through the mouth, it presents a medium bitterness and intense spice, which harmonize to make way for a complex and balanced oil that will leave our sensations permeated with a mainly green tone.

Culinary applications: Ideal for leafy salads such as lettuce, tomato, artichoke, watercress, etc. Dishes where the focus is cheeses with personality such as parmesan, aged or old cheeses with a high degree of curing.


Intense herbaceous green olive fruitiness marked by notes ranging from green or “Alloza” almond to tomato plant. Its aroma awakens sensations that transport us to landscapes covered with aromatic plants such as rosemary and thyme, accompanied to a lesser extent by items like plantain and artichoke.

With a medium bitterness and intense spice, its elegance is conveyed by a softness that floods the senses, its almond flavour being the one that will remain engraved in our memory.

Culinary applications: Ideal for fish stews, meats such as lamb or beef, and vegetable stews. Leafy salads and desserts with dark chocolate and fruits like orange.


Extra virgin olive oil of the Picual variety with great personality, body and a high rating in green olive fruitiness. Green olfactory connotations of herbs, tomato and apple that are reflected in a taste level where reminders of olive tree leaf emerge that are expressed through a light bitter and spicy finale.

The ideal product to meet the needs of a healthy kitchen that seeks quality in the raw materials it uses to produce dishes worthy of the highest level of gastronomy.

It is harmonious and balanced with intense aroma and flavour, halfway between the exceptional early harvest EVOOs and the large format olive oils for general use.

Its elegant packaging keeps this great oil isolated from light and air to ensure that quality reaches the table. And it makes transport and storage very easy.

PAIRINGS: "Its personality makes it an EVOO that is elegant and ideal for use in potato, meat and fish stews. An extra virgin olive oil with exceptional resistance to high temperatures that makes it ideal for frying and cooking in the oven, especially fish to which it contributes the minimum in fat content. A very versatile oil that, due to its high quality, is also enjoyed raw in sauces and salads."